The Ultrasonic-Multireflex-System


General description

umsys-Titel The Ultrasonic-Multireflex-System, in short „UMSys“, is a measuring system, that is able to determine distance informations. At the head of the sensor an ultrasonic impulse is generated and sent out. This impulse takes his way until a surface stopps respectively reflects it. The result is an echo signal, which is gonna sent back to the head of the ultrasonic sensor.
The UMSys is applicable across manufacturers and offers new ways for the use of ultrasonic sensors in distance measuration.
A huge advantage of the UMSys system is the fact that when it sent out one ultrasonic, it is able to process more than one (resp. the first) incoming echo signals. This improves the signal processing and the measurement results.


Principle of measurement

With the help of the UMS-Software-Interface it is able to control the sensor and trigger ultrasonic impulses. The impulses rebound against a surface and reflects eco signals, which get back to the head of the ultrasonic sensor time shifted, dependent on the distance between head if the sensor and the reflecting surface. The echo signals are processed by the hardware of the UMSys. The resulting calculations will sent to the software, where it gets visualised on the interface.

umsys-Prinzip (Note: impulse 1, impulse 2 and impluse 3 are three measurement series. Each single impulse follows several echo signals, which can be recorded and processed.)


ultrasonic sensor compatible to any manufacturers of ultrasonic sensor heads
sensor frequency any (dependent on the ultrasonic sensor head)
detection range any (dependent on the ultrasonic sensor head)
serial interfaces RS232, USB, Ethernet (UDP)

Electrical specifications

power supply 5 ... 24 VDC
operating temperature 0 ... 55 °C
temperature compensated

Mechanical specification

IP Code IP 66
PCB dimensions 105 mm x 68 mm (customizable)


UMSys - Software Details

  • Windows 7/8 compatible
  • data logging
  • GUI - Graphical User Interface
  • data output via GUI & shell
  • sensor parameter configuration in GUI
  • trigger sensor input
  • umsys-GUI
    The sensor system is compatible to the windows version 7 and 8.
    The data logging can be done over the graphical user interface (GUI). The data output can be made over the GUI or over the shell.
    Furthermore all sensor parameters are able to configure by the GUI.
    The sensor input is triggered..


    The UMSys - Software is included. More informations on request.