iotec at the Hannover Messe 2017

20.03.2017 HMI

At the Hannover Messe 2017, the German Federal Environment Foundation Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) illustrates material saving solutions for an efficient energy and ressource saving use in the industry. As a co-exhibitor iotec will present the actual prototype of the e-mobile ONYX MiO. The Onxy MiO is the result of the joint project „Prototype manufacturing and licensing of an ultralight E-Mobile for urban areas“, between ONYX Composites and iotec which is funded by the DBU.

We look forward to welcoming you at the communal stand of the DBU in the „Innovationshalle“ 2, Stand A26.

iotec achieves 1st place at the Osnabrücker Wirtschaftspreis 2016


After waiting in excitement, the decision was made: On monday evening, the 6th renowned Osnabrücker Wirtschaftspreis des Vereins für Wirtschaftsförderung (VWO) was awarded.

Young companies from the administrative district Osnabrück, that were founded in or after 2011 and have an especially innovative business model, were admitted to apply for this reward. Besides iotec, 42 other companies from the region Osnabrück have competed.
During the presentation (many thanks to the organisers of the InnovationsCentrum Osnabrück (ICO)) in the rooms of the Sparkasse Osnabrück, iotec was awarded with the Osnabrücker Wirtschaftspreis 2016.

At this point we congratulate Coffee-Bike GmbH to their second place and G&S IT Solutions to their third place.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to the jury of the Verein für Wirtschaftsförderung and to everyone involved.

Osnabrücker Wirtschaftspreis 2016

Photo: Robert Schäfer

Daniel Mentrup and Simon Kerssen from iotec GmbH are the winners of the Osnabrücker Wirtschaftspreises 2016. VWO chief executive Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp handed over the award together with district administrator Dr. Michael Lübbersmann and mayor Wolfgang Griesert.

Crop farming of the future: mobile soil sampling laboratory for a more efficient use of resources

Project partner soil2data 15.08.2016

iotec is proud to announce that it is part of a team of project partners to the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück that received a grant of more than 1.3 million Euro for the research project “soil2data” from the “Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture”. The project runtime is planed from 2016 till 2019.

The aim of the project “soil2data” is to develop a soil-sensor module for use in a mobile carrier-platform.

The current methode for a soil analysis is to collect numerous soil samples and send them to a laboratory for evaluation. This means that there is a high manual effort and that much time has to pass until the results are available.

The team of researchers is working on a methode to take soil samples while the platform is driving over the field and throw it back after analyzing the samples on the fly. As Prof. Dr. Arno Ruckelshausen noted during the project presentation: “We leave the soil on the field, because all we want is the data”.

World Champion! Great result for the Field Robot team of the University of Applied Science Osnabrück at the Field Robot Event 2016 in Haßfurt

20.06.2016 FieldRoboter HS Osnabrück FieldRobotTeam HS Osnabrück

At the international field robot event 2016 the team of the University of Applied Science Osnabrück, supported by iotec, finished with the first place. The event was organized as part of the DLG-field days at Mariaburghausen, Haßfurt (Lower Franconia) from the 14th to the 16th of June 2016. The event is taking place yearly and is now hosted by the University of Hohenheim for the 3rd time. This time, sixteen student teams from seven different countries competed with their self-developed field robots to win the championship.

The competitors at the field robot event have to solve exercises in five different disciplines in the field. The first two exercises are to show the navigation capabilities. The robots have to drive autonomous, fast and precise through the testing ground. To improve the difficulty of the task, obstacles are placed on the course as to mimic real field conditions.

The field robot team of the University of Applied Science Osnabrück is lead by Prof. Dr. Arno Ruckelshausen and Andreas Linz and is made up by bachelor and master students of the majors Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and iotec is proud to be able to support the new World Champion.

For further information visit:
DLG Feldtage

Positive prototype presentation at „Woche der Umwelt“ (Week of the Environment)

13.06.2016 E-Mobil

Upon invitation by the german president Joachim Gauck the ONYX MiO was presented to the public for the first time ever. From 07th to 08th of June in 2016 the Mio was on display during the “Week of the Environment” at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin. The Onxy MiO is the result of the joint project „Prototype manufacturing and licensing of an ultralight E-Mobile for urban areas“ between ONYX Composites and iotec which is funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Environment Foundation). Luckily, the E-Mobile could be presented on a wonderfully sunny day and the interested audience could try on their own to take seats in the mobile, marvel at the innovative concept and ask lots of questions. The lightness of the vehicle, was demonstrated by the crew lifting the MiO with their own hands.

iotec on the "Woche der Umwelt"

27.04.2016 E-Mobil

In the time from 07.06 to 08.06.2016, the "Woche der Umwelt" (week of the environment) takes place in Berlin at the Schloss Bellevue. There, ONYX Composites and iotec will present their joint project „Prototypfertigung und Zulassung eines ultraleichten E-Mobils für den urbanen Einsatz“ (prototype construction and approval of an ultralight electromobile for urban use), that is funded by the Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt.
In this project, a "mobility-link" for urban environment is developed that will be presented as a prototype to the public for the first time during the "Woche der Umwelt". This novel and innovative vehicle concept combines the advantages of existing technology of the two-wheeler sector (light: ca. 160 kg, affordable: <8,9000 €, 2-seats, high variation diversity) and transfers these to the sector of light motor cars. A range of about 50 km is achieved by the use of a humanhybrid drive. So, a cost-efficient entreance to the sector of light, efficient, environmentally sustainable and flexible transportation devices can be achieved.

OEOS field measurements near Hohenheim

06.10.2015 BreedVision_OEOS      D.Nieberg (UAS Osnabrück)

The analysis of the outdoor data, taken with the BreedVison platform (see "Outdoor recordings with the OEOS 800 sensor"), shows that the expected disturbances have no to little influence to the data quality.
By using a steel frame as sensor mount, errors caused by vibrations are suppressed. Furthermore, plant movements for example caused by wind have no to little affects to the measuring data because of the high sampling rate of greater than 3500 Hz and the platform velocity of more than 1 km/h. Soil roughness leads to a fluctuating distance of the sensor to the soil. The effect to the measurement data can be compensated by using additional sensors. The picture on the right hand site shows triticale ears with awns. You can see an insect at the rightest awn that was measured accidentally.

To get forwarded to the results of the outdoor measurements, please click here.

EU funded project launched

18.12.2015 NBank

From 18.12.2015 till 18.12.2016, iotec performs a product development supported by the EU. In this project, a retrofit Kit will be developed to automate soil samplers. This development is promoted by the program: Low-threshold innovation support for SMEs and crafts, which is managed by the NBank.

Outdoor usage of OEOS in Hohenheim

17.08.2015 BreedVision_OEOS

The outdoor suitability of the OEOS Sensor was successfully proven in field measurements with the platform "BreedVision" in Hohenheim.

BreedVision is a multi-sensor platform for non-destructive field-based phenotyping in plant breeding, developed by the Hochschule Osnabrück, in cooperation with the Universität Hohenheim, the Amazone-Werke and Saatzucht Hege.
As part of the research project PredBreed the successful previous project (BreedVision) is further developed. Approx. 360 test plots with triticales, oat, rye and wheat at various growth stages are measured by this platform.
Therefor the OEOS 800 sensor were integrated into the platform and the first measurements were successfully taken from the 3rd till 9th of august.

Height growth of a plant

29.07.2015 Auswertung eines Wachstumsverlauf einer Pflanze

Late last year (2014) 28 measurement series with the grapevine sort (vitis vinifera) Shiraz were performed to get a height growth analysis. Therefor the plants were measured during their growth stadium in between 22 and 41 days after planting.
The results of the height measurement were evaluated graphically and show a continuously growth. It was shown that an automatically plant analysis is possible with the OEOS 800 sensor system.

Follow up information can be found in the "Computer-Bildanalyse Tagungsband" (page 53f) in the series "Bornimer Agrartechnische Berichte" (Issue Nr.88). (German)
This can be downloaded here for free.

Compelling advantages of the OEOS 800 Systems

25.05.2015 Compelling advantages of the OEOS 800er Systems

The report "Plant recordings with the OEOS 800 sensor" highlights the advantages of the OEOS 800 Systems when measuring plants. Thereby, an inside of the functionality is given and the advantages of the system in comparison with conventional cameras in the field of plant measurement, is highlighted.

First OEOS 800 system in foreign deployment

15.12.2014 SunFlowerCut

The OEOS 800 prototype was successfully tested in Australia in the "Plant Accelerator" (a plant test facility) on a Lemnatec system, from mid October till end of November. In Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, measurements were performed. This measurements were successfully conducted by Dominik Nieberg as a part of his master thesis. In the next step, algorithms will be applied to these measurements.
With the integration of additional external sensors and cameras, the system was able to perform automated measurements.
On the picure to the right, a section of a measurement of a sunflower stem can be seen. The height of the picture equals about 2.5 cm. Fine hair structures with the size of several hundred micro meters can be recognized.

Opening ceremony of the Innovations Center Osnabrück (ICO)

15.07.2014 ICO

On 10th July 2014 the ICO has officially been opened. Almost 300 guests were present when the mayor Burkhard Jasper as agent for the lord mayor Wolfgang Griesert and the district administrator Dr. Michael Lübbersmann started the ceremony with a speech.
Afterwards, the guests were invited to the exhibit rooms where the residents of the ICO start-ups were able to present themselves.
iotec presented their new laser sensor system OEOS (optoelectronic object scanner) with a live demonstration of the measuring system.

iotec presents the prototype of the new laser sensor at the CBA 2014


In the past year iotec mostly worked to improve the light curtain app on in-house development. The aim was to improve the resolution and the sampling rate of the light curtain. The previously used InfraScan-System is based on individual diodes. iotec takes a different approach and wants to work with a laser line and a single light source. The resolution were improved from 2.5 mm up to 0.064 mm. The sampling rate were increased from 330 Hz up to 4000 Hz.

1st Place at Best of CampusBuisnessCreation in Lower Saxony 2014

The iotec GmbH got an award for the best campus - business creation in Lower Saxony 2014 at the Hanover Fair 2014. Whether innovation, market opportunities or financial concept: In most categories iotec received the maximum score from the jury. The founders Daniel Mentrup and Simon Kerssen were rewarded with a professional promotional video for prevailing against several dozen university spin-offs.

Lower Saxony Economy Minister Olaf Lies came for a visit


Economy Minister Olaf Lies, district administrator Dr. Michael Lübbersmann and lord mayor Wolfgang Griesert opened the doors of the new Innovation Centrum Osnabrück (ICO) on 6th March 2014. During this visit iotec GmbH, as a tenant of the first hour, presented their product portfolio. Economy Minister Lies was particularly interested in the light curtain app of iotec. The light curtain app is used for automatic measurement of plant characteristics. The system can be apply both in greenhouses and on the field on various carrier systems.

Finally! Iotec moves into the new offices in the ICO

03.03.2014 ICO

On 1st March iotec moved into the new office rooms of the Innovation Centrum Osnabrück (ICO). The company with the founders and their employees couldn’t wait any longer to move in. The new space and workplaces were needed because of the fast and successfull growth of the company in the previous year.
The ICO offered perfect development options. As a technology and business incubator it presents young companies special rental conditions and a good infrastructure in their first years.

Happy Birthday iotec!


3rd January 2014: The two founders Daniel Mentrup and Simon Kerssen celebrating the second birthday of the company. The revenue had grown significantly and the first engineers were employed. The expected move into the new offices in the ICO in the near future – all in all a reason to celebrate!

Iotec participates at the GründerCampus Lower Saxony 2014 successfully


In December 2013 the jurors passed the judgment and awarded iotec as one of several winners of the competition GründerCampus Lower Saxony of the NBank. As a prize Iotec received financial support from the NBank.

Agritechnika 2013


The BoniRob – a field robot of the AMAZONEN-Werke, the BOSCH company and the University of Applied Science Osnabrück – were an absolutele public attraction at the Agritechnika 2013 on the AMONZONE-Werke booth. This year the focus was the app concept of BoniRob. The BoniRob was presented with four Apps, each one offering a different module for a different purpose. With the "light curtain app" and the "spray app" iotec presented their self-developed apps to a larger audience. Obviously the BoniRob has moved from the stage of a pure research idea to practical fields of applications.
Iotec clearly wants to become an “app provider” if the BoniRob should be brought on the market by its developers.

BoniRob spray-application (cooperation with the University of Applied Science Osnabrück)


Within the funded project “SmartBot” by INTERREG, EUREGIO and Productschap Akkerbouw, iotec works on a spay application which reduces the emission of herbicides to a minimum by additional use of a camera.

The hardware-app basic components (frame, distribution cabinet, app holder) were provided by iotec.

Light curtain-application

This application consists of a special light curtain, a triangulation sensor and a digital camera. The light curtain app can be integrated into a field robot or a greenhouse. The sensor output data can be used to interpret morphological plant characteristics. The figure below illustrates the sensor data as silhouettes of plants.

light curtain application

Multi reflective ultrasonic - sensor system presented at the computer image analysis for agriculture (CBA)

In cooperation with the Universitiy of Applied Science Osnabrück and the Mittuniversitete Sweden a master's thesis about imaging was accomplished with the multi reflective ultrasonic sensor system. The results were presented at the CBA.

Business formation

On 3rd January 2012 Daniel Mentrup and Simon Kerssen founded the iotec GmbH.